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Dr. Loretta A. Ehrlund, D.V.M., Practice Owner


Dr. Loretta A. Ehrlund, D.V.M. is the owner of Heritage Veterinary Medical Center.  She earned her Bachelor of Science (1978) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (1979) from Texas A&M University.


As a young girl, Dr. Ehrlund traveled the world as an Air Force brat. She resided all over the United States and made her way through various countries from Taiwan to Portugal.  In the 5th grade, Loretta Ehrlund had a mixed breed canine named Smokey. One day her parents decided to take her beloved dog to a local veterinarian for a check up. While there, Smokey was diagnosed with epilepsy. Upset with the diagnosis, a young Loretta was elated to learn that the doctor could help her adored friend. She knew she wanted to grow up and do the same thing that the local veterinarian did for her and Smokey. 
After graduating high school, Dr. Ehrlund did research work with sheep and worked closely with a research veterinarian. It was not long after she was accepted into Texas A&M University. While in veterinary school she groomed dogs for extra income, which helped her gain a great respect for groomers. As time passed and her knowledge of veterinary medicine grew, she became a proud graduate of Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine and is still active with the university today.

The late Dr. Larry T. Ehrlund and Dr. Loretta Ann Ehrlund opened up the first Heritage Veterinary Clinic in San Antonio after graduating veterinary school together.
Showing horses is a family hobby for Dr. Ehrlund. She is currently active in the Animal Arabian Horse Association. She also volunteers once a year with Freedom Classic that allows our young citizens to show their horses for free.
Dr. Ehrlund is a proud mother of two daughters: Charlotte Ehrlund Potter & Michele Ehrlund Wright.
She is currently a member of the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association, Aggie Moms, and the Disaster Preparedness Committee, providing a master plan for Texas pets in the event of a disaster. She is on the Board of the Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County and is very active in our community, mentoring young people with an interest in Veterinary Medicine and running a summer volunteer program.


Years in Practice: 37


Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine